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Need some help, new motor?

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Hey guys, I am in need of some help here. I went to pull a buddy out of the mud a while back, and it got a little sketchy. I am starting to think I might have sucked a little water in the motor. Least thats what the guys at the stealership tried to tell me.

Anyways long story short, suddenly have a very slight tick. When I start the motor, almost nothing but as it warms up and my oil pressure drops you start to hear it. I dont know if it valves or what?! Two different people are trying to tell me it is a lower end knock. But for some reason I still have a hard time believing it. As the motor warms up my oil pressure drops to the "L" mark.

I dont know if I need a new motor, if I could rebuild mine. Swap options any input would be GREATLY accepted. Thanks yall.
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Let me guess, GenI Tundra? Correct?

If so, the oil pressure gauges were known to read low. Its been many years since I had a GenI. My gauge always read low. If memory serves me, I thought there was a sevice bulletin for bad or weak oil pressure sending units.

Can't help you with the engine tic.

hey there ko, thanks for the input.
Yes she is a 1st gen, a 2003. Yes, the oil pressure does read low. Used to read between 1/4 and 1/2 pressure from idle to say 3000 rpms now, she reads fine when she is cold. But as she warms up I lose pressure and I go from say normal 1/4 mark at idle to the low mark on my gauge.
I have read that many tundras will do this, but at the same time until truck never did that. So now, Im not really sure what I am doing with the truck.

Sell it or try to fix it...uh a toss up.
sending unit sounds like an easy fix vs getting a new truck to me
thats what I was thinking/hoping....would be nice if that would stop the slight ticking im hearing too lol.

checked local stores, nobody has one of course. So guess ill have to order one.
Sunpro oil pressure sending unit

does the about part seem correct?
Thank you
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