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So I ordered a set of Fuel Hostage 20" +20 Offset last week. The dealer that I ordered these through ordered the wrong wheel (+6 offset). Turns out the +20's in Black are on national backorder for 4-6 weeks, which won't work because I've already sold my wheels earlier this week. So now, I am stuck with swapping them out for either a +26 offset or +14 offset, which Fuel is probably going to discontinue both since the +20 is the most common sold, or keeping the +6. Or the other option is getting a completely different wheel, which is looking like a real possibility now.

I'm not putting the LRO 3/1 kit on until I get new tires. I was going to run the stock 275/55/20's for a little while or until someone wants to buy them, and once that's done I will be putting on 305/55/20's.

My questions are these:

1. Which offset will work best of the options I have on the Fuel wheels - +26, +14, or +6? I would prefer not to put fender flares on, don't want a tire sticking out too far, and don't really want to have to cut anything.
2. Which offset is going to minimize rubbing & cutting when the new tires go on (305/55/20)?
3. I shouldn't have any fit issues with the current tire (275/55/20) regardless of offset correct?

Need to figure out ASAP so they can get the wheels delivered from the warehouse tomorrow and I can get my wheels shipped out to the buyer.
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