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need name of something in my 05 Tundra

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I'm having major brain fart.
What is the thing we plug our cell phone charger into that is NOT the cigarette lighter?
I have three in my DCab, none of them are working. Need to know what it is called so I can research how to fix it.
Thank you.
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12v Power port?
Check your fuses yet?
I'd look into a fuse being blown.

I call mine the "cigarette lighter thingy..." Funny thing is most everyone knows what I mean.
Yup, definitely check the fuse first.
Thanks everyone. I'm at work, I'll checkem out in the morning.
It was indeed a bad fuse.
Thanks again.
Don't know. I bought the dcab used last August. It was like that. Happy its fixed now :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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