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I have a 2014 CM 4x4 with 112k and I spend half of my days on fire roads, the other half on highways. (I’m a surveyor) I also tow my boat once a month or roughly 1500 mi a year. I currently only have a 2” spacer leveling “kit”. My problem is this: I need to replace my rear shocks and I’m going to do all 4 corners. I’m leaning towards 6112/5160 over to Fox 2.5. The 5160s, long term, require at least 1” of lift. I’m ok with that. Naturally, this is where I fell down the rabbit hole...
Now I’m looking at the CB+2 and Firestone air bags with daystar cups. I don’t usually get into anything too crazy when I’m out in the field. I do like to be prepared though. Advice? Suggestions?

I’m not looking to get crazy with anything. I just want to be more comfortable and safer out there. I run a 50ish gallon fuel tank and a Yeti in the back permanently. My gear weighs less than 50lbs. Let’s say 550lbs permanent weight in the bed.

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