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I have a 2003 toyota tundra limited step side.
in the last 5k miles I've done
new steering rack and all bushings
new timing belt water pump and all pulleys
new ball joints, tie rods and control arms
ranch shocks

it has 230k but still runs strong.

my questions are should i keep it or sell it i can only get around 5500/6k

if i keep it i want to buy a
arb bumper but i want to find one used. if there is one for sale used where can i find?

how can i retrofit a roof top tent on my cap what is the best roof rack?

what else can i do for mods
any suggestions.

i want a new rear bumper but my budget for that is around 200'300


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Keep it and drive it. You have done all of the hard work already.

I have TracRac CapRacks on my Leer shell which I really like, but they were a couple of hundred bucks. PITA loading kayaks way up there though. Sometimes you can find a rarely used "off road tent trailer" for about 1/2 of what they cost new.

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