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Not much Ray. Trying to get this next system going. I got a baby coming in July. So I know my audio time is gonna be limited. So hoping to put together a system that will give me what I want.
What's in ur truck at this point?

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Congrats on kiddo #2. You're going to be a busy, sleepless man, but being a father is the best. :)

As for my truck... Hasn't change for awhile (since we last spoke). I'm pretty satisfied with it all, and have been diverting my hobby fund money to other things. Those Seas Excel's being closed-out on Madisound piqued my interest, but I just couldn't justify the $$ spend.

You should definitely look into making custom boxes for the Tundra crowd. Your worksmanship is top-notch!!
1 - 5 of 62 Posts
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