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Not seen anyone with the exact same setup as me.....and after a lot of thinking and second guessing here is what worked successfully:

2016 Toyota Tundra Double Cab, TRD Offroad Package.

2.5/1 inch ToyTec Leveling Kit

SpiderTrax Toyota 5 on 150mm 1.25 inch spacers

18" Toyota TRD OEM Allow Wheel for 2014-2018 75157B 426110C170 (black with silver) 10-spoke 18x8

For tires could not decide between what would be 33"...34" or 35" as many worked without cutting depending on wheel, suspension, lift, and how you held your mouth when they were installed.

I ended up getting Nitto Ridge Grappler 295/70r18 installed this morning.

No cutting required.

Modifications needed:
- remove small mini-flap at front of front wheel well (if you dont remove the threaded backing plate that falls loose inside inner liner it will sound like truck is coming apart when tire rubs) LOL
- remove large mud flap at rear of wheel well
- heat gun to SLIGHTLY indent, inner wheel liner where mini-flap was removed.

There is no other rubbing against Upper Control Arms nor the skid plate to worry about...full lock to lock. Just rubbing on plastic mud flaps and then inner liner.

Thought I would share so it could be added to list. I wanted taller tires but did not want to go to 12.5inch width again like on my LX470 few years ago when I went big with Trail Grapplers. So thought gaining little over 2 inches of height....and then about an inch of additional width over OEM TIRE dimensions was a good upgrade.

With the spacers and wider tires they BARELY stick out beyond will likely get OEM style or similar Fender Guards from Toyota/Bushwhacker.

Thanks to Jamie S at Sparks Toyota for help as well.


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