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New to the forum, looking for a replacement muffler for 5.7 tundra. wondering what size is the inlet and outlet of the factory muffler. Also, wondering what is the best one to purchase. will replace just muffler for now, will replace whole exhaust later on. just want better sound but no drone. your help is greatly appreciated.

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Do a search on the forum for @dirtydeeds or BAM mufflers.

There is no other option when it comes to Tundra exhaust.
Keith's muffler bolts right in to the existing OEM exhaust.
Just add his Helmholtz resonator and enjoy great sound with virtually no drone.
You get the length of muffler depending on your needs, loudness, towing, etc...

I first had a Magnaflow welded in on my 2014, sounded great until I got on the highway and had the drone from hell.
I then called Keith and he made me a custom 7" with the Helmholtz resonator.

I first had a 7" for over 2 years, but recently swapped it for a 10".
Both have/had less drone than the stock muffler using his resonator.

Dirty Deeds Industries - Performance Sound without the Drone

Give him a call and he will talk about your wants, needs, and expectations.
He will recommend what he feels will work best for you.

Phone: 760-877-4234 | M-F 9am-5pm PST
Email: [email protected]
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