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Howdy all. New Tundra owner here and after being a guest on these forums for a while, I decided to join and hopefully repay the community or others out there like me that are new to the world of Toyota and what is available. The truck itself is a standard 2017 SR5 Double Cab purchased through work and will certainly be put to the test with highway and city miles as I frequent the Austin, Dallas, Houston/Galveston triangle and the occasional trip out to El Paso. I don’t plan to make a whole lot of modifications to this vehicle but have made a few crucial ones to date that I’d like to share with you all.

Starting with the interior, I purchased the Husky X-ACT floor liners as the truck didn’t come with any floor mats and with myself and passengers being frequent visitors to construction sites, I wanted something that could take the abuse of dirt, water, and other debris without having to worry about ruining the carpet. I did quite a bit of research in reading and watching the reviews on YouTube as I was originally set on getting the Weather Techs. However, after having experienced a road trip in a vehicle that was equipped with them and seeing the edge curling, overall slippage, and the general feel, I am glad that I went with the Husky mats as they are very much an upgrade and cheaper. I like that the underside is ribbed so that it grabs the carpet independently of the anchors and that the rear set with the full tangs can be installed under the cargo box. I routinely have to take the cargo box out for larger items and it is nice to still have the carpet protected. I think the biggest reason for this is in the material that these mats are made of. The X-ACTs are thick and rubbery whereas the Weatherbeaters and the Weather Techs are very rigid. That being said, for the front center hump, the Husky Weatherbeater line was required to cover this portion. Yes, it is a different material than the X-ACTS, but they blend together nicely and I like the diamond tread pattern. It is cut to the same exacting standards displayed by the X-ACTS and isn’t as stiff as that style of floor mat.

On the exterior, I chose to go with the 5” Raptor Magnum step bars that run wheel to wheel. I haven’t seen these in person before but wanted to go wheel to wheel so that I had a place to stand when accessing the tool box or rather the stuff that gets stuck in the very middle. I do not have a lift or a leveling kit on the truck (yet…) and just haven’t gotten used to the stock height as compared to my stock Chevy. I sometimes drop in a car seat and these step bars make it much less painful when getting the kid situated. For perspective, I’m 6’4” and it was always awkward in trying to stand on the ground or the door sill to load the crib midget in the middle. Thankfully, my concerns with them attaching to the rocker panels in lieu of the frame were unfounded and they seem really sturdy when I stand on them. They feel about the same as the Westin bars installed on my wife’s truck that are attached to the frame. Not a lot of flex and they look good. I do want to see how they perform on the ground clearance as I am hopping curbs from time to time and would hate to drag these over one.

Finally, the tool box and bed cover. There are not a lot of options out there when one wants to combine the two. Thankfully, Truck Covers USA and this thread existed and I was sold. Unfortunately, much like all the shiny toys, it is expensive but you get a very well made piece of kit for your money. Merick01 does a very review and his pictures are really good so I will spare you all of a repeat. His post is from 2013 and I must say the quality mirrors what I have installed today. The tool box is just big enough to do it’s job of holding hand tools and such and the rolling cover with it’s integrated locking stops works well when carrying loads that are taller than the bed. I don’t mind the pull strap and haven’t found that it gets in the way. When unlocking the bed cover, turn the key far to the right and it will stay unlocked until the cover retracts the entire way. Otherwise, it will stop retracting at the first stop. The other feature that I like is that it doesn’t depend on locking into the tailgate. I thought I liked that feature on the Roll-N-Lock until I experience how solid the AWC is how much of a pain it would be to have to unlock it from the tailgate each time. However, if your tailgate doesn’t lock, then this feature would be rather pointless. The one item that isn’t prominently mentioned, and should be in my opinion, is the drain hoses. If you watch the step by step installation videos on the Truck Covers USA website, they do cover it, but not so much in the marketing pictures. I’ve attached some pictures that I hope give a good indication of what these will look like and they do require drilling holes into the bed. They are just something that I am going to have to pay extra attention to when I am loading equipment or lumber so that I don’t snag and tear them or worse, rip one loose.

I hope this helps and feel free to ping me with any questions.


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