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For years now, I've driven a 16' Crewmax tundra 5.7L FFV with a few modifications here and there... & for as long as I've been a fan, I've yet to approach anyone with a supercharger as a mod.

My question to Supercharged tundra(3rd gen, preferred Magnuson TVS1900-3UF-FFV) owners: I know everyone's time is valuable- & for that, my curiosity had grown enough to make a fair cash offer to simply feel the difference for a drive down the road. Is the "enjoyability" worth it all? Does it necessarily take away the Toyota "reliability"? I tow regularly & quite heavy, does my truck benefit from supercharging? Is it better to install and tune with only 1 map vs multiple (tuner on dash)... these are my main concerns.

Lastly & most importantly, is there anyone in the Atlanta, GA area willing to "share" the power of their (Magnuson) supercharger for a reasonable cash offer for an hour or so? I don't need to be behind the wheel, but can sit shotgun if necessary. Again, just a HUGE fan of tundras & really hoping to feel the power first hand & discuss your experience.
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