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Now through June 30th. Purchase any Lund Genesis Tonneau Cover and receive a $75 visa card back!​

Do you take trips every once in awhile and don't have enough room in the truck for everything so some things end up in the bed, and you dont know if its going to rain or not during that trip? Tonneau Cover.

Maybe you hate coming out to your truck and seeing that people walking by it threw trash and other things into the bed? Tonneau Cover.

Lund offers many different types of covers, the Lund Genesis Line has Soft Tri Fold covers, velcro roll up covers, peel and seal covers, snap covers. With a different option for each, you can go with the standard premium black vinyl fabric, or you can choose to go with a premium twill HAARTZ Fabric instead. Engineered to resist water, mold, mildew, UV, dirt and dust.

Soft Tri Fold cover, features a powder coated corrosion resistant aluminum and high impact polycarbonate

Lund Soft Roll Up, low profile, heavy duty aluminum rails and bows to keep it held up.

Peel and Seal
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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