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Purchase any Lund Bull Bar before 6/30/18 and receive a $50 visa prepaid card.

Want some Bull Bar information??.. no?.. Well you're gonna get some anyway!

Bull Bars are built and designed with one and one thing only in mind. Protecting the front end of your vehicle, ok, and maybe looks.. Now there are other options, full bumpers like Smittybilt or others, but what if you dont need that level of protection? What if you just need that little protection from people parking in front of you(and no, Im not saying so you can hit them to get as close as possible), this is where Bull Bars come in handy. Just that little added protection, little upgraded tougher look maybe, and if you want, more mounting options for your LEDs.

Its not all pros of course, a big downside is that it is decreasing your approach angle, not by a lot, but some. You are adding extra length to the front of it obviously.

But another upside, if you are like me and live in wooded areas or country areas.. You don't need to worry about smokin a deer or any other animal as much. Of course you will still get a little damage, but from my experience being a technician, those with the bull bars on front. Usually come out a lot better off. They are more protection not just for the bumper, but also the radiator and other vitals in the front end.

Anyway! I'll save you the trouble of another long winded post about something and leave you with that!

If you have any questions or would like a quote on a part PM me!​
1 - 4 of 4 Posts