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2015 DC TRD with the 5.7L; 35K miles. I started doing my own oil changes when the free changes at the dealer ran out. Getting ready to mod the skid plate to provide easy access to the filter without dropping the skid plate. I've also installed a Fumoto quick change valve to make draining that much easier.

Owner's manual says that it's due for a re-lube. Can someone point me to a thread or info source showing the locations of the lube points? My search of this site only returns a blank white page, and a Google search at large comes up with a lot of (stuff) that seems to come close but doesn't appear to be the definitive bottom line truth.

I think there are only two lube points, both on the drive shaft. However, I'm not sure, and the sites that I've found were indefinite on that subject.

Thanks in advance.
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