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As the title says, I'm looking to upgrade my 07 jbl unit with bluetooth streaming capability. I would rather keep the stock unit because I feel like aftermarket units are tacky with the carnival show lighting and look out of place. I found this adapter: SoundLinQ3 Bluetooth Interface Adapter : Sparks Toyota and Scion Parts - Genuine OEM - TRD Performance by Sparks Parts

Does anyone have any knowledge of this item or any other way to make this happen? I'm sure I could buy a newer OEM head unit too, but I've been unable to find a part number to research pricing. I'd like my hands free calling to play through all the speakers instead of just the front drivers side, but I can deal with that if it doesn't work out.

Any help would be appreciated, I've tried the search function, but I'm not finding any useful information. Thanks in advance.
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