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I have the 2007, the chrome surround is huge! to say the least. Anyway, my truck is red salsa pearl - salsa red pearl, i don't its a dumb name but great color. I want to color match my surround, unfortunately, this particular color is extremely rare to find in a decent quantity, and amazon has it for like 45 bucks for the aerosol can, which is what I want. I do not want to pay that amount for same size paint cans that are usually 6 bucks. Now to my question:

Has anyone tried the burgundy color from Chevy? because I've seen the burgandy chevy's and parked my truck next to them and the color seems dammmm close. Dupli-color or dupli-paint whatever the brand is sells them for the 6 bucks mentioned above.

let me know if anyone has used a comparable paint to the salsa red and how it turned out.

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