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5 speed or 6 speed? Not sure what kind of truck you're talking about. 03 Tundra has a 4 speed auto, 05-06 Tundra has 5 speed auto. Damn second gen guys. :lol5:

The 03 has several upgrades over previous models including a stronger planetary gear, drive by wire, larger brake calipers from mid-year on. The front of the body is slightly restyled and looks better.

Things to look for: Was the timing belt/water pump maintenance done? This is the only major maintenance these trucks need, it can get pricey. If it hasn't been done that isn't a reason to walk from the deal but could be ammo to get your boss budging. If that fails, I'm at 156k with original timing belt/water pump still.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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