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We have been exploring new parts to sell and found one that everyone likes! You can't go wrong with a good set of lights up front and we found that Racesport offers a high quality kit at an affordable price. Here they are on our site:

RS-CREE-4BARHD - $152.09
RS-CREE-6BARHD - $202.79
RS-CREE-10BARHD - $253.49
RS-CREE-20BARHD - $337.99
RS-CREE-30BARHD - $506.99
RS-CREE-40BARHD - $591.49
RS-CREE-50BARHD - $760.49

Light bar includes mounting brackets as shown in the image!
Premium light bars for serious off-roading and demanding situations.
These bars will take punishment and never let you down.
50,000 hour lifetime
6,500 Kelvin color
12V-32V capable
Super efficient LED driver
Special optics improve light projection
Perfect for off-road, emergency, and public use
5 year limited warranty

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