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License Plate Mounted Backup Camera

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I have a new Pioneer AVH-X5500BHS on the way and was wondering if anyone had any luck with the license plate mounted backup cameras. I see alot of them on Ebay just wondering if anyone has used them. I dont need a downward facing camera to see the trailer hitch as the only trailer I use can be moved and hooked up if I dont feel like moving my truck to hook it up. Just being able to see what is behind the truck is my main goal.
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I think they look like crap. You can buy a camera for 20 bucks on amazon and set it into the tailgate handle. Looks factory, waterproof and you can tilt or pan it to any direction you want.

I always notice the cameras in the L plates. I like the ones that don't advertise themselves.

Besides, aren't the ones in the plate frame, wireless? Is you head unit hard wire or wireless.

^ i disagree and not because i bought one. crutchfield has one for $80 wired, waterproof, with a 170 degree view ,and it's pretty good. the only negative i found is that at night it will throw a gritty picture but still maintains a pretty good field of vision. mind you, this scenario is on a 150ft. driveway in complete dark with no street lights. here are some pics and i have the exact head unit as you do. if you order this camera you have to buy a 25ft. video cord to allow some good distance to the unit. this one came with 16ft. and it won't work. wiring up was pretty easy. pos (+) camera red to reverse light (+) and black camera wire neg (-) to reverse (-) which i would recommend removing the tail light for easy access. now the reverse light can be tricky. i ran a 18 guage wire from the head unit (violet)? to the driver trim panel where the handle (2) bolts to remove and tapped into the (blue)? wire. there are (2) white connectors and it was the one closest to the driver. pm me for better details as i am drawing from memory and it's pretty shot. good luck!

day shot judging my trash can with the camera guidance lines.

one of my lil' man posing for the camera

here is a shot of the metal license plate camera. very durable feeling and has a nice black chrome finish
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What is the model name/number of the one you purchased on crutchfield?
There out of stock but they do re supply pretty quick. The camera is a Accele RVCLPMB
Low-profile license plate camera.
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Yeah that is the best looking license plate mounted one I have seen. Chode how do you like the head unit? I had mine held at my local UPS so I can go by and get it tomorrow.
I am using a Boyo VTL camera tied into my Alpine HU up front. We did not have many options on Gen 1 (like the tailgate option on Gen2) and I did not want
to modify my gate handle for sure. So, plate option it is.

The license plate option works well, especially if your plan to just to see what the heck is behind you. They have full plates with camera, and they also have just the slim camera which bolts on top of the plate. More features adds to price, but, they run from $40 to over $100.

Amazon, ebay, crutchfield normally carry them. Just another type out there to consider.

Pic on my HU looking back. Rainy day outside and I can see fine with this setup.


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Yeah that is the best looking license plate mounted one I have seen. Chode how do you like the head unit? I had mine held at my local UPS so I can go by and get it tomorrow.
The only gripe I have run into is that I can't dump the "caution black image may be reversed "screen while in Drive. Other than that, perfect!
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I have one like Chodes but in black. If I can get am Admin to authorize my pics:rolleyes: I'll get them on this thread.

I do agree that a lot of the license plate cameras look like something someone developed in the basement of an outhouse.

Newegg has one similar to Chodes for ~$62.00.

BOYO VTL422C Zinc Metal Bar type Black License Plate Camera -
I have a plate camera. It works great. But they do get dirty faster. A quick wipe and it is good to go.
Anybody ever use the Pyle brand cameras from advance auto? They seem pretty cheap and have a lot of features for $50

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Quick question. Where are you tying into to get power/reverse signal?
^ tied mine into the reverse light wire on the drivers side tail lamp. There is a void under neath to feed your wire down to the plate. Mine works well and you can creep up on the ball almost spot on the trailer hitch but when wet,it's a struggle.
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I have a pioneer back up cam that I want to install and saw that alpine has a bracket they use for their square cams.I was wondering if anybody has had any luck installing the pioneer into the alpine frame Pioneer ND-BC6 Universal Rear View Camera: Electronics

into : Alpine KTX-C10LP License Plate Mounting Kit : Electronics
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