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I have never leased, but considering it. A couple of questions:

1. Is the residual value pre-determined regardless of the negotiated price for the vehicle? In other words, any experience with a dealer who tried to lower the residual value after the cap cost was negotiated down from MSRP?

2. Same topic as #1, any experience with the dealer trying to jack up the money factor (interest rate) after the cap cost was negotiated?

3. How many people pay the acquisition and turn in fee? Have you negotiated the fee since it is really just a rip off?

4. How picky are the dealers on wear and tear? My vehicles are always maintained in above average condition, but do get occasional door dings.

5. Any differences in insurance rates between buying and leasing?

6. How easy is it to negotiate a $0 down (no cap reduction) lease?

7. Is gap insurance better through the lease company or private insurance company?

8. Is the lease company the manufacturer or a third party?
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