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I have a 2010 Crewmax, so i have the 5.5' bed. I was looking for a camper and liked the Lance 825, which was listed for short beds. I called Lance, and they said it needs a 6' bed.

I have looked around and found that the Real-Lite 1608 fits the Crewmax, but it is a pop up and I dont like those.

Does anyone have any experience with the Crewmax and campers? Does 6 inches make that big of a difference? The weight between the 2 is only about 100 lbs and both are within GVWR for the truck. And the Lance actually has a center of gravity that is 10" closer to the front, which would put it more over the rear axle.

Im going to upgrade the rear suspension to handle a camper. Other than hanging out the back, why wouldnt the Lance fit? It has a better CoG, and cant be any more dangerous than towing a 5th wheel 10,000 lb trailer camper.
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