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ok... here we go. got my career started may 2011. once i got cemented in my career, i did what every young man does.... buys a new vehicle!

here was the ad for the truck: 2011 rock warrior with 12k on it. only add-ons were that the stickers were taken off, and the previous owner had a TRD sway bar on it.

got it for 4g's less than they were asking. :D

i bought it on monday 7/9/12

by wednesday, it was tinted (5% front, 20% rears, 50% windshield) and the front toyota emblem was repainted black (the right way this time)

Thursday, added info buttons ($50 shipped ebay)

then... BHLM

also added underseat storage and husky weather beater mats (not pictured) as well as debadged it.

then, moved some buttons around in the interior:

then.. DDM 6000k HIDs in the lows/fogs:

As she sits next to my old ride (which i sold to my friend on 7/20):

Took a couple pics at work today:

I've owned the truck 18 days up to this point... and i just ordered a LRO leveling kit and tails to tint....

8/1/12 Tails came in (thanks to mikedezzy) but i forgot the spray tint at home. fml.

but since i was at the shop anyway... did the fog light mod:

8/3/12 tinted the tails:

from this:

to this:

also, this came in the mail:


LEDs in...

so they're my favorite mod (best bang for your buck)

8/18 Got my rings powdercoated! (Shout out to Coast2Coast Powdercoating)

8/20/12: switched my high beams for LED highbeams (thanks to Mikedezzy! for pointing me in the right direction)

new/old bulb:

and what they look like on:

got back from the jersey shore about an hour ago and had my new (old) RW shifter waiting for me!



Shout out to Cjimen31 for the hook up!


back from Vegas...LRO kit is in!!!!!

also installed my viper alarm/autostart. :)

installed a Stinger XT light/charging station in my center console:

New Grille:

4/24/13 it was a good day...

new badge for the grille showed up:

AND my new Powerstick exhaust with turndowns!!!

Powersticks (26"x2.5") with 3.5" dumps prior to the rear axle...

start up video:

finally got everything back from the powdercoater... N-Fab front bumper and 2 36" LED bars installed... (still hafta wire up the bars... waiting on switches)

5/23/13 switches arrived!

new bumper wired up Memorial Day Weekend:

stock headlights (with highs):

stock headlights and Flood pattern LED:

stock headlights and Spot pattern LED:

stock headlights and BOTH LEDs:

those trees are approx 150 yards away.

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I like the build so far!.. Great minds think alike because I see alot of things here that I have on my To-Do list.

When you moved the buttons did you have to extend the wiring for them or was there enough slack to just move them over?

Was the BHLM a pain? Ive been thinking about paying one of the experts to do it lol.
i did have to add wires. stopped by radio shack and picked up a multi pack of wires. it was very easy tho. i'm not an electrician or anything by any stretch of the mind. you just cut the wires, twist em together with your wire, shrink wrap em, and do the same on the other end.

and the BHLM scared the shit outta me too. (im 26 and this is my first real big purchase of my life) but i faced my fears and put my brand new headlights in the oven at 250 degrees for 9 minutes. i cut a piece of cardboard that fit on the rack perfectly so nothing melted, and wore oven mitts so i didnt burn my fingers when i pryed em apart.

I get alot more satisfaction telling people i did it myself. and the headlights completely transform the truck and people ask me about them all the time. :cool:

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Um, but, did you park next to a spaceship or a gravitational anomaly or something? :p

i parked next to something

blurred it out because i didn't realize it was in the background until after i uploaded the pics... good eye, detective. ;)

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did you replace all your interior bulbs with these LED ones? I see the package says 10!! what did you do with the rest?!

I want something brighter for my cargo light and tag light.

trucks is looking good...can't wait to see it with the 3/1
I used 4 in the overhead, 2 in the license plate frame lights. got 4 left.

you also need 3 small bulbs for the footwells/glove box.

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Dude the truck is looking good and you've done a ton of stuff to it! I gotta know how you tinted your driver, passenger, AND windshield living in NJ? You're telling me you haven't been pulled over and ticketed for that? Cops in NJ do not like tinted windows, and it's illegal to have them like that. (not that I care nor am I a cop, just really wondering because I would love to do that but I fear any tickets). It looks really good.

Nice job on the bhlm, I don't have the gall to do it myself so I think I am going to send it to Joe and have him do that along with installing oracle's, very worth it IMO. Thanks for sharing the links for the hid's and the led's, now I have some new projects. Are the low's and hi's obnoxiously bright or are they bright but not blinding? Just curious because I don't want to be the guy with blinding blue lights. I get flashed all the time now as it is with stock lights like I have my hi's on or something. And with my 5100's on and sitting at a light or stopsign behind a car my headlights are right in people's rearviews and I see them flipping the mirror and cursing me out.

Are you going to the Holman show on 9/15? Would love to check out your truck.
I haven't been stopped for the tint yet... but the cops around me aren't really that big into stopping tinted cars. thank god. lol

and I keep my headlights on setting like 3 or 4 so they're not pointed straight out at anyone, they're pointed more down.

and unfortunately, i will be in vegas during the holman show.... :lol5:

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How are the LED high beams workin' out for ya? I saw your HID lows are 6000K what Kelvin are the LED high's? Thanks!
The highs are strictly for looks. they have no functional purpose other than that. but with HIDs in the lows/fogs... i rarely ever use my high's.

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KObear, thank you so much for sharing the LED interior bulbs, much much cheaper than vleds but the output is awesome!! I went ahead and threw them on my license plate lights and have some backup spares.

now I want them for my reverse lights and cargo!

thanks again for sharing the link!
no problem broski! that's what this site is all about! i couldn't be happier with the quality of the LEDs i ordered.
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