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Just test drove Big Red this evening went to get snow cones....... and frankly don't know the definition of 'rough ride' of the many reviews I've read about the Super Springs, but I'm a happy camper.....

Installed a set of SSA4 Super Springs this afternoon and used the bottom mounting hole. Went from 42.25 to 42.75 so a 1/2" inch lift is cool.

Got tired of the 2" sag hauling the TT and tractor....have to haul TT to Seguin RV next week for a factory recall and dreaded the trip.
Now looking forward to see how it handles.
The GVWR is 7600 lbs for TT and truck sticker say 7200 GVWR so this is close. The trailer is a 20 footer with metal bed. A 10k trailer weighing in at 2800 lbs so hauling tractor should now be a breeze versus a white knuckle affair.....

Install was straight forward enough but the parking brake bracket had to be extended by 2". So fabed up a piece. Someone here mentioned threads on U-bolt for spring pack was soft rolled so I torqued to 55 lb-ft in 3 steps and used gobs of blue lock tite. Frankly the nuts came off very easy and the torque process felt very 'soft' so was wary about going much higher and stripping threads or stretching threads.
I came here and did a lot of searches and you guys were a big help.

so now the bad news for wife....will need a set of Bilsteins up front to level out truck...... :) Hmm what story to use .....;)


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