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I just upgraded my tow vehicle to quit abusing my little Sienna minivan. Since I still needed the passenger space, I went with the 8 passenger Tundra, a 2008 Sequoia. 馃榿

There's something about turning my own wrenches on my vehicles that makes me feel more confident about their reliability. I've been a Subaru fella for the last couple decades, but the need for room and power has been converting my garage to Toyota recently. I'm new to towing as well, but I learn things quickly (even if it's the hard way, lol).

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Hello, Roy and welcome to the forum! Thanks for joining us. There is a ton of information about our platform with supporting vendors who can get you where you want to go. If you ever have any questions, there's definitely a great team of owners and vendors that are happy to help.

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My 07 has 255K on it and I used it as a tow vehicle for the first time in it's life last weekend. Round trip from Houston to San Antonio, 4runner on the trip there, RX350 on the trip back. Roughly 500 miles because I had to go pick up the trailer. Did an excellent job going and coming.
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