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Had some crashed headlights from my motorbike lying around. Decided to use the projectors for the tundra. The smaller one is from an R1 and the bigger from a zx10r. What you think?

edited to show the progression.

pic 1 - The back side of the headlight housing cleaned up.
pic 2 - Drilled 2 mounts for the R1 projector. 1/2 inch al. spacer for stability.
pic 3 - Drilled 3 holes to support the bigger projector of low beams. The bolts need to be 6 cm. long. 1 inch spacer added to one mount for stability.
pic 4 - crashed housing unit bought off ebay for 100 bucks.
pic 5 - r1 projector frame, as these will be changed to high beams, I cut out out the black shade with a dremel.
pic 6 - r1 projector in pieces next to zx10r projector.
pic 7 - mounted the zx10r lowbeam housing.
pic 8 - mounted the high beam r1 projector
pic 9 - light test, be careful on the lowbeams as the orientation will determine the light spread. I actually flipped the left unit upside down for the left low beam.
pic 10 - the amount of cutting needed to make the projectors fit to the back light reflector.
pic 11 - painted the high beam section and mounted.
pic 12 - another shot
pic 13 - primered and then spray painted the outer headlight lense unit.
pic 14 - with the outer protective cover


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Lookin' good so far :) Do you have enough for both headlights?

Keep us posted!

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Looking good man, although might I suggest to not ride motorcycles anymore.
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