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It's here!

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LRO 3/1 leveling kit arrived today. Real excited can't wait to get it installed Box Carton
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Are you installing or paying someone to install for you? I got stumped the other night when I tried to loosen my lower control arm bolts, but plan to try it again tonight or tomorrow. The install videos I saw on youtube appeared simple.
Got mine last week also!! I too can't wait to put it on!! That will be next Monday for me. I'll post pics when I'm done.
My buddy is a mechanic and has a lift and everything. Waiting for him to have a free night so we can tackle it. I can't wait and hate waiting lol
This guy is on a roll isn't he
haha ya ive been pretty busy on my truck these 3 day weekends ive been getting cause works slow has helped out a ton
You will want to go higher after a few months...
oh man dont tell me that lol!!!!
I just want this thing installed so i can put my wheels and tires on. Hate not having the tools and the know how to do it :/
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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