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Hi all,
I have an ‘05 Limited in Ontario, Canada. Got it with 80,000 km (50k miles) in 2014 (for CAD$14k) and put another 140,000 km (90,000 mi) on it.
My son took it out for the first solo drive of his life after getting his driver’s license. Picked up a girl. Truck stuttered and lost power, then would drive normally, and repeat. Drove 11-km (7 mi) and the truck is now parked at home.
Tranny cooler failed and pushed coolant to overflow so fluids were mixing for a bit. Got under and rested my hand on one of the tranny fluid lines where it attaches to the rad and it fell out. Threads of fitting just disintegrated. Everything under the truck is rusty; last year I replaced the steering rack after it rusted through.
So… I really, really hate car shopping, I don’t relish the thought of my boys (the son I mentioned has an identical twin who got his driver’s license the same day) driving something new, it’s $2,400/year liability insurance for them to have their own beater, and I feel bad junking a truck with an engine that runs great and a body that is decent for being in Canada 16 years. Electrically the truck is great including all the Limited treats like power heated seats, rear power glass, sunroof… all work perfect (compare to a VW and it’s a world wonder).
Maybe I’m just getting sentimental. But reading through posts, I could replace the rad, hoses, lines, coolant pump, flush tranny three times, and then figure out if the tranny is messed up. Not sure I have all that in me.
So… do I just suck it up and sell it for parts?
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