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Recently purchased an 06 V8 Tundra Crew/Double Cab.

With 250k miles there are obviously some things needing attention but overall, Gracie is in good condition...once these issues are repaired I would upgrade to excellent condition:

~ Driver's seat needs upholstery work...think there is also something loose/broken on the frame but will have to pull seat and remove seat cover to see. I've search for replacement seats and OEM seat covers but not having a lot of luch. Question - anyone know of a site where I can purchase the seat covers?

~ Front bumper appears off to scrubbed something and paint is removed on the driver's...fornow...will live with it for now.

~ Appears the door actuator on passenger side is gone...master power switch will NOT unlock the driver's side front door. Nor will the key unlock/lock the passenger side front door. However, the switch on the passenger side WILL unlock ALL doors. Unlocking/locking with key (no FOB) will work on ALL doors from passenger side? How difficult to replace actuater and is 3rd party part okay...BRAND?

~ I don't like carpet in a truck!!! Has anyone pulled and replaced their carpet? Had a Linex sprayed in the bedliner and am considering doing it on the floor. Can't find custom fitt rubber...does it exist?

~ Dual exhuast - was ready to put dual exhaust but I'm hearing mixed information. Local shop suggest replacing the 1 in 1 out muffler with a 2 in (cutting piece where two exhuasts merge into 1 pipe prior to a two-in and two-out. Another 'source' says it will loose back pressure which results reduced power and reduced fuel mileage. Anyone else converted to dual exhaust and noticed in perform/mileage issues. One Toyota Technician laughed and said it wouldn't be a problem ????

~ TPMS - I have a flashing light and after researching, it appears the batteries have gone in at least one (probably all). To replace them (Toyota parts) it looks like a $400-$500 job. Is it really worth replacing? Is there a less expensive route...I'm ready to pop the cluster out and pull the bulb....

~ Need to replace the tow package. Truck was backed into something and I replaced the rear bumer. The towing ?bar? was bent and it had to be heated up to bend back into shape. It probabably would be noticed by many folks but it is obvious to me, plus the strength of the bar has been compromised after heating and bending...trying to find a replacement now but there are many Tundras in salvage yards and if the are it is usually due to a front or rear collision. Considering going to uhaul to see if they have a replacment.

Air Pump recall has been performed and the timing belt service was perfomed around 180k miles.

Truck runs awesome......
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