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New member here, and current Dodge Ram owner. Actually, all three pickups I’ve owned were all Dodges.

I’m going to sell my Cummins in the spring and buy a used 2nd gen Tundra 4x4 DC 6.5’ box. Looking for some feedback on my modification approach here. I primarily use my pickups for hunting, fishing, mountain biking, etc. I rarely ever tow, but that may change down the road. However, any towing would likely be a rather lightweight travel trailer. I’m not into rock crawling, but do drive some pretty gnarly two tracks and jeep trails when hunting.

I will want to do a slight lift on my truck. My Dodge has 17.5” of height to the bottom of the rocker panel at the rear door. Based on researching some of the threads on here, it looks like I can maybe come close to this by adding OME 612 fronts, OME rears, and a 1.5” lift via rear shackles. I plan on tires in the 33” range, 34” max. I do not want to spend money on diff drops and control arms.

Down the road (couple of years), I want to add a DV8 bumper and a 12k lb winch. When I do this, I’ll need to upgrade my coil springs, correct? I realize it would be ideal to do this at once, but not sure I can swing that.

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