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So I have a 2000 tundra, running the v8 4.7. I have recently changed the coils, plugs, and last night I changed the injectors. The last step started the huge problem. So I removed fuel rails by mean of disconnecting most lines on and above rails. disconnected plugs to injectors. pulled old ones out, cleaned the rails with carb cleaner, cleaned the ports on intake with carb cleaner. Installed new injectors in rails, installed rails back into position. plugged all wires back into position. connected all tubing back to its location.

So I am finished to my knowledge, I take the keys turn over the engine approx. three revolutions then I stop. I try starting the truck again, again it turns over three revolutions. This time it does not stop though, I turn ignition off and truck continues to attempt to start non stop without ever firing up. So I run to the battery and disconnect the NEG terminal. I wait ten minutes and try to connect terminal again. This time truck immediately runs the starter and the horn starts blowing.

I did not continue after this due to it being 10:30 Pm, and no one likes horns blasting late at night.
Please any help would be appreciated!!!
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