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Ok, after some painful research, crunching numbers, yadda yadda...
I thought id share this with everyone thats trying to install it, because the instructions are pretty generic.

Hypertech instructions: DOWNLOAD

1. Fill her up!
2. disconnect the negative battery cable
*This will reset your ECU and give you accurate reading and gives the truck some time to learn your habits and calculate mileage.
3. Follow the stupid Hypertech instructions.
*Steps 3, 4 & 5b can be ignored - (Negative cable disconnected, remember)
*If it pleases you, follow the instructions
4. Install the cables
*Run the USB cable down towards the kick panel, itll make like easier
5. Put everything back together, minus the kick panel.
6. Install the USB cable
*You might need a laptop with Windows XP
*If you dont, good luck
7. Plug in USB cable, wait 1 minute for it to install
8. Run the Speedo Program

1. You CANNOT program your gears & tires
2. Choose Tundra
3a. 33's, 35's, 37's
Enter 32 for Tire Size (OR look on the doorside panel because tire sizes are different)
*275/65r18 are equivalent to 32's (diameter)
*Enter in your NEW tire size, mine was 35
3b. for those that have 285's 325's etc....
*enter 275/65r18 for original (OR look on the doorside panel because tire sizes are different)
*enter your new tire
4. Your battery is still off, your truck does not need to be on
5. Close Program
6. Disconnect USB cable
7. Replace kick panel
8. Replace battery ground

*********TEST DRIVE**********
Download a SPEEDOMETER app on your smart phone.

Get on freeway, and try not to look at your monitor but feel a difference in acceleration, i DID!

My Tundra, 4 in lift, 35 Toyo MT, and 4.88 gears....
Nice smooth acceleration and good shift points!
Ill report back on MPG, currently 9.5/10mpg city/hwy

When youre cruising at 70mph (odometer) you should be at 2000 rpms.

If youre off by 5mph, like everyone else was, read the instructions again.

Good Luck!
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