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Yota family,

My headlights were working one day and the next while on a road trip I stopped at the gas station to realize my low beams were not working and I was driving off the light from my aftermarket fog lamps. At this point I had High beams or fog lamps working along with the running lights.

Today when I start my truck the high beams are now no longer working all. I'm down to fog lamps and running lights. I can hear the sensor from the switch when turn the lights on and off inside the vehicle.

I've pulled all the 15amp fuses under the hood and they check out. All of the bulbs are good. I've looked at the main fuse (40amp), but without tearing things apart I cannot distinguish if it's burnt out.

I'm looking for other ideas before ripping it out and paying $40 for a new fuse bar.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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