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I owned a 2006 4Runner for several years then a 2014 FJ. I'm still active on the FJ forum with the same screen name. < Wave to my FJ peeps >
Right now I am driving an F250 with the 6.7 diesel because Toyota doesn't build anything capable of pulling a heavy trailer.
(If the Tundra had an available diesel with 800 ft lbs of torque I would have bought it.)

Anyway, we are looking at downsizing soon and I may be in the market for a Tundra to pull a much smaller, lighter camper, only about 6,000 lbs.
That being said, I know certain years and certain models have this issue or that and they vary by manufacturer.
Say for instance maybe the 2011 had a weak rear axle that they fixed in 2012 or in 2013 if you got the manual transmission there was an issue
with reverse, or the 2010 had electrical problems but only if you had the crew cab, stuff like that.
So I'm wondering if someone could give their opinion on which year model or configurations to stay away from.


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