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Hi everybody. New to the group and anxiously waiting on my '17 CM 1794 to arrive around 8/17. Still trying to figure out how to really navigate this site, so please excuse my question below as I'm sure it's been covered multiple times.

It's coming with the TRD off rd pkg. I would like to level the front end and add bigger tires (28-30 in) to the stock 18" wheels. I've seen a lot of debate about doing a spacer lift or Bilstein shocks, which is the better way to to? I live in flat country in SC, drive on roads 99% of the time and don't want to give up ride quality. I tow my boat regularly, but it weighs less than 3000 lbs and a camper only a few times per year that weighs about 8500 lbs. I have two small boys and don't want to lift it any more than level.

Thanks in advance for any insight.
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