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Help With Transmission Shift Solenoid Engine code

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I have a 2006 4.7L double Cab Limited SR5. I have engine code For a shift solenoid coming in stating High Current. I suspect it is intermittent and when i start to accelerate sometimes the rpm will go up and the shift delays then jumps into gear. As well sometime when shifting at say 80-100 KPH. it will do the same. I have the service manual and identified 3 solenoids.. VVT and 2 other ones..
Has anyone had to check these before COuld it be the solenoids themselves or connector and corrosion?
I think I have the right pins for the solenoids to voltage check them if I can get my hands on software to drive the solenoids. Does the high current code mean the solenoid coil or possibly dirty connection? Any help would be appreciated. I plan to pull the connector out on the side of the transmission and check it first and can ohms the solenoids. But since its intermittent The solenoids could read good..
I am told the solenoids should ready between 10-15 ohms.

thnxs for any Help
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I had that code on an older dodge ram and it turned out I had to replace the solenoid pack. It wasn't a big deal just time consuming. Had to pull the pan to access the pack.
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