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So after researching and reading for the last 2 months, and sending numerous pm's, I have my lift on order. 2010 DCRW 4x4, Zone 5", bds shims, and +3 shackles from Coachbuilder. But it will be about 2 weeks before I can get it installed. Now for the wheels......

I planned on 18" Fuel Throttles but really dont like any of the tires available in the 37" size. I saw the Nitto Teras, but they say they are a 14" wide tire in the 37's. Dont know if that would be too wide. I want to stay with an AT tire. I dont offroad at all, just drive to work and need something good for the snow up here in NEPA. So I started looking at the Throttles in the 20" size because I like the new Dick Cepek's Fun Country. And they come in a 37/12.50/20.

So my question is what AT tire is out there in a 37" size. Rim size doesnt really matter. Im open to 18's or 20's.

And the Throttles come in a +1 or +20mm offset. Im not opposed to running flares, but how much more will the +1 be sticking out than the +20mm?

And what kind off trimmimg am I looking at to run this tire and wheel combo in 37"?

Thanks all!!!!
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