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I take it that the supercharger is something you wouldn't do unless you won the lottery (sort of like me).

I would do the protection items first (ding/line x/floor liners). If your line x your bed, you could wait on the tonneau. I like Husky WeatherBeater floor liner.

Depending on your location, hood protector may fall under the above.

Unlike many members on this forum, I do like the TRD intake especially when mated with the TRD exhaust. I didn't see much mpg improvement until I got the two mated.

Wheels/tires/fender flares/leveling or lift have to work in conjunction, and they do make the most bang for the buck in the looks department.

Dechroming, etc., really depends on your preference and inexpensive. It could really be done whenever you want. Nice thing about dipping? You could peel it off if you don't like it. And it's inexpensive.
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