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What's your budget right now? And what is your budget later? Gonna be a little here and a little there, after the initial blast? Or you gonna save up for a while, and do a 2nd wave?

Assuming you have a plastic bedliner in place, and/or your bed doesn't have shit in it very often, I'd wait to do the $300-$500 linex mod last.

Tonneau, waste of money, unless you have a use for it now. Fiberglass tonneaus are gay.

CAI...waste of money.

Lift/level...immediately adds character to your truck for cheap. Less than $300 and you can install it in your driveway, while you get to know your truck.

Bushwacker flares...don't even think about it unless you are willing to spend another $2k on wheels with the right offset, and tires the right size, or your truck will look stupid.

Tires and wheels...this might be mandatory with a level kit, but not necessarily...depends on what size you get. If you go bigger, level kit will be necessary, and maybe flares....that package will cost you $3k.

Color match costs, plastidip is cheap.

So, how much money you have right now, that you are ready to blow? Will help us plan your truck for you :D

And like a previous poster said, keep your eye on craigslist. If you have an android phone, there's an app called craigsnotify. I've got mine setup to alert me when anything "tundra" shows up for sale. It helps me find deals, and also helps me find shit to buy that I don't need, but that I can justify :lol:

Got the TRD duals on and window tint set for next week. Help prioritizing the rest of my wishlist...

Leveling/lift kit
Bushwacker pocket style flares
Tires and wheels
Color match all/some chrome to black
Supercharger but not happening at the current prices
Also looking at the new floor mats mentioned on here (the name has escaped me)
Vent visor/bug shield

Oh, and to fix the deep rock chip and ding I did today with the lawn mower :mad:
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