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Hi guys and gals, this is my first post and I'm in need some help. Today I bought a 2006 Tundra automatic with 126k miles. The truck has been kept in great condition. Well on the way home while on the interstate I noticed that at 65 mph and up there is a noise that I would bet 1000 dollars that it was bad tire. The tires are good and it rides smooth as glass until 65 mph. The reason I do NOT think it is the tires is because when I let off the gas it immediately goes quiet and the very second that I accelerate again the noise comes back with a very slight vibration. From what I've I've read in the forums, I'm leaning towards a differential on its way out. Anybody have an issue like this or can give me some input?

Also is there a website that I can put my Vin into and find out if I have LSD? I don't have jackstands.
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