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I've been reading and learning for the past few months and realized that I had been remiss in posting an introduction.

I'm a new(er) 2014 Tundra CM 4X4 TRD Limited owner in SoCal. The Tundra is not my first truck (previous Dodge and Chevy) nor is it my first Toyota. My first vehicle was a '82 Toyota 4x4 (purchased in '84) which I loved. Since purchasing my 2014 and through the influence by this forum and it's members, I've done the following mods:

Readylift Level
Cooper SST MAXX 295/70/18
BAMuffler 8"
Leer Tonneau Cover
Husky Weatherbeaters
LED bed lights
LED flood lights
Bed extender
Westin Bullbar
Remote Start
Plasti-dipped fun
Pending: Coachbuilder Shackles

I've probably enjoyed owning the Tundra more due to the knowledge gained from this forum. The down side, you guys are costing me money for things I don't need!!! But I see what some of you have done and end up wanting the same. Looking forward to learning more.
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