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Hello from PA!

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Hi Everyone- New Tundra owner, 2013 CM Ltd w/ red rock interior-

Love the information this site has to offer. Thank You
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Welcome to the forum! Sounds like you have a very unique Tundra there, would love to see some pics of it when you get the chance...
Welcome to the forum from Western PA. Congrats on your new Tundra.
Thanks for the welcome!
I'll post some pics in the morning.. Just installed a Roll-X tonight too!
Pics! 2013 CM Ltd

Nothing Fancy but here are some pics of the Red Rock Int and some ext shots..

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Very nice! Too bad Toyota didn't offer this in a six seater. I really needed to be able to seat six.

BTW, welcome! I'm from Central PA, 20 minutes east of Harrisburg.
Thanks! I love the cab space.. six seater would be awesome.
The nice thing is I can fit the baby's car seat behind the passenger seat without moving the seat.

It's little things that make a difference...

Any thoughts on the 2014 Tundra? Do you guys like the new redesign?
It seems that most members still hate the new design. I noticed more people seem to like it than when they first came out.
Its set to release in Sept or Oct of this year right?
From the pics I saw I wasn't in love with it..
I read Sep. I am not in love with the new design either, so I am not trading in my Tundra for a 3rd gen. Perhaps that's the intention of Toyota, to get the 2nd geg owners to keep their truck and entice new customers to 3rd gen Tundra's.
That makes sense.. I'm curious to see one in person but I love the current body style hands down!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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