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Hey all, I'm new here so hi!

I posted this on but nobody has responded there so I thought I would give the fine folks here a shot...

The other day I was driving the 07 tundra truck with the AC on. Then the AC quit working and the AC light started flashing. I turned it on and off to no avail. So I went on about it and didn't bother it thinking it just needed to be recharged or something. A few days later I recharged it and it was working for a about 1 minutes and would only blow through the front vents no matter what mode I put it on...feet? nothing...defrost? nothing...only front vents...and the compressor isn't even kicking on.


I have 120k on it, when the compressor is working it has a loud tick-tick-tick(etc) sound, the fuel sender unit is bad (I run out of gas around 80 miles till empty), side mirrors no longer operate, third brake light leaks like a fountain, I've replaced the brake booster, and I just dropped $5K on rebuilding the transmission...this is a Toyota, at 120k it should just be breaking in not breaking down!

Thanks in advance
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