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I may be coming back to a Tundra. :)

I had a 2015 Tundra SR5 and I sold it late 2015. I'm back in the market for a pick-up truck, and considering a 2018 Tundra Platinum trim.

I just have a few questions mostly for previous owners, who jumped back to a Tundra:
Any regrets jumping back to the Tundra?
How are the updates since then? Most notably the tech updates?
Any other observations worth noting?

I looked at:
Nissan - I really like the look of the Titan, and the technology (360 camera). Resale value worries me.
Ford - Never really been a fan
Chevy - I'd consider the 6.2L engine, but this may sound silly, don't like the column shifter.
Ram - been there, done that...2 times already.
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