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Hi everyone. I did some research on the forum regarding this question but I'm getting mix information. I'm trying not to do much modification to run these tires with these rims.

Please let me know whether I need to do any modification for these tires and rims combo.

First, I have a 2017 Tundra Limited DC 4X4. I currently have Rough Country Pocket fender flares and Readylift 3/2 leveling/lift kit.

Rims: 1 Piece Fuel Nutz 20X9
Hubbore is: 110.30
Offset is: +1
Back Spacing is: 5

Tires: I want to go with 34" so 285/65/20 or 295/60/20. (I know I can go 275/65/20, but I want a little wider.

If I go with the 285/65/20 - I thinking of Running Nitto Terra Grappler G2 (Not much options in this odd tire size)

If I go with 295/60/20 - Have 3 tires that I'm thinking of. 1- Kanati Mud Hog, 2-Nitto Ridge Grappler, 3-Cooper Discoverer STT Pro

Please let me whether I will have any fitment issue doing any of these tires and which tires you would go with. Thanks, any help is greatly appreciated.

Most of my driving is highway and the city, hardly ever off-road, if any. I'm just going for the stance and look.
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