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Finally got some new wheels and tires.
Fuel Krank, 18x9 +20mm offset, chrome
Nitto Trail Grappler 295/70/18

These are some BIG BEEFY tires! I love the look of the chrome Fuel Kranks. I had originally wanted Goodyear Duratracs but wanted a tire that would be as close to 35" as possible with no major mods (i.e. body mount). And based on my driving conditions and climate, it seems the Nitto Trail Grapplers are better suited. I am not disappointed at all. They sing a little bit over stock but now much. To me, it rides a lot better than the stock on the 3/1 level kit. And the look is incredible, nice and aggressive. The spouse loves them too. Thanks to everyone here on the forums for their posts, which inspired, and advice when asked.



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