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So as the title says, I just had my 6" rough country lift installed on Tuesday. I tried out my 4wd drive today on the street in front of my house. I immediately noticed a vibration and pulsing coming from the front end, it kind of came and went, but was very freaquent. It didn't really change with speed. As soon as I switched the truck back into 2WD it went away. I switched into 4WD HI and the symptoms came back. I stopped and put the truck into neutral and switched into 4WD Low...Now I noticed a constant whining sound. Switched back to 4WD HI and vibration and pulsing was back. Switched back to 2wd and everything is fine..

I drove off road in a grassy area and the vibration and pulsing wasn't as noticeable, but very noticeable on the pavement. I realize that most of the time you wouldn't be using 4WD on the pavement, but I have done that before the lift and never noticed anything like that.

Any ideas? I doesn't look like the CV joints are at extreme angles? I'm going to contact the install shop tomorrow.

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