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A couple days ago my front end locked up when pulling onto the street. I had just stopped to check traffic, then when I tried to move forward there was nothing, engine revved, could not go forward. Shifted into reverse, was able to move backwards, then go forward. Since then I have had the same issue, especially right after a cold start. (It's winter where live, at or below freezing and salty as [email protected]$ on the roads) At first I was wondering if it could be the front diff, I'm often in 4wd this time of year, but after testing in 2wd I've had the same thing happen. Hit the brakes, front end is locked, I can tell because on snow I'll give it gas and the rear wheels just spin. On dry concrete, I can give it enough gas and the front seems to "break free" with a loud clunk and then move again. Or shifting into reverse seems to always go just fine, no locking up. Seems like both wheels up front, not just one. I'd like to think it isn't seized calipers as I replaced those less than two years ago. The whole brake system has been bled/ replaced or checked on in the last two years and was working great until this happened.

Any ideas? Brake Lines? Master Cylinder? I have limited time to play the guess/replace/check game. Any ideas much appreciated.
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