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I originally designed this cover for my Lexus IS350 and shared it over at Clublexus. While I was searching for photos OEM covers, I came across a 2020+ 4Runner cover, and it appeared to be the same exact cover as my Lexus, with only a different diagram. I verified that it was actually the same cover, and headed over to the 4Runner forums to share the files since I already had them modeled. This somehow ended up snowballing into me making them a cover for the 2010-2019 4Runner as well, which then received a few complaints that the 4Runner cover was not fitting peoples Tacomas (which I never stated it did).

So... I ended up making a Tacoma cover, and then someone requested that I make a Tundra cover (and also a Highlander one). As a fellow Toyota enthusiast, I guess I am just doing this to give back to the community more than anything.

Anyways, to keep with tradition, I am giving these files away for you to print on your own.

These files are provided for free for personal usage, and are meant for the forum community, selling prints made from these files is not permitted.

You will want to print this cover in ABS or ASA to withstand the interior automotive temps. I have also provided a link to my store if you do not have a printer, or are unable to print in ABS. You can also directly message me if you would rather do that instead of my store.

3d printer file link
Meet Google Drive – One place for all your files

Store listing
Toyota Tundra 2018 Extended Fuse Cover | Etsy
Rectangle Font Line Urban design Monochrome

Rectangle Font Electric blue Parallel Pattern

Circuit component Rectangle Electronic component Electric blue Passive circuit component
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