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If my truck wasn't repo'd last night, I'd play...can I submit old pics? Or they have to be current?
Rules don't say one way or the other...


Please read: Submit one picture of your truck and one picture of your supercharger (proof of entry).
Only your truck picture will be entered in the poll.

• Contest is open to first & second generation Tundras only.
• Only nominate one truck, one time. You can nominate yourself or someone else.
• Submit (post) one picture only! No comments. (You will have a chance to comment during the voting.)
• If your picture doesn't follow the theme, your nomination will be deleted. Mods have final approval of all nominations.
• After winning TOTM, you must wait 6 months before being nominated again.
• Nominations will be accepted until 3/22/13 12pm EST.

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dang, i checked this thread and i don't have a supah chargah... :eek:

don't ban me, i am soooo lost..!! :lol:

todd, awesome work on that picture..!! :yesnod:

:D dikkie :D

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Mine gets installed tomorrow! I'll post pics ASAP!

Currently it is "installed" in the two boxes in the back seat!!!
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