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I have a '07 SR5 5.7 with 150K and just had those exact light you mentioned lite up a little over a month ago. My CEL was P2433, search the web until my eyes blurred and there's no post of that code anywhere. Infact I bet this is the first time that code's been mention by a Tundra owner. I suspected the secondary air injection switching valve and started looking into the bypass kit. Low and behold! Listed on their site was my CEL code and it said:

The following are Trouble codes NOT addressed by the Gen 2 Bypass. These will require kit addon(s) in order to clear.

P2433 – Air Flow / Pressure Sensor Circuit High Bank 1
These codes typically indicate a damaged Pressure Sensor which is usually caused by an Air Switching Valve being stuck open for an extended period of time. Functioning Pressure Sensors are needed for both Gen 1 and Gen 2 Bypass kits.

Discovering that info saved me. Searched the Pressure Sensor on the web with no luck. Since they mentioned "Air Switching Valve being stuck open for an extended period of time" I decided to bite the bullet and tackle the job. Mind you I've never work on my truck before other then changing oil & air filter. The part alone is quite pricey but I was in luck again and found one on ebay for around $200 and it's an OEM part. I followed a youtube video and was able to replace the part myselt, took me a whole day but that's probably because I didn't start until noon and took too many beer breaks haha

The only difficult part for me was getting the two bolts in that's on the right side hose. Once done, I reset the code with the obd reader. Fire her up and BOOM..! No more christmas lights and purring like a kitten until now. With all the other parts it cost me under $300. FOLLOW THIS VIDEO if you plan on tackling the job. IT'S NOT HARD AND BEST OF LUCK......!
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