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Hi everyone,

I just joined this board a few weeks ago while researching Tundras, but just realized I need to introduce myself before posting elsewhere. So, here it is, my first Tundra--a big upgrade from a 2000 Tacoma!

It was surprisingly hard to find one with the exact color and options we wanted, especially without the bucket seats (SR5 upgrade package). We're currently a family of four, but would like as much seating as possible to haul parents, friends, or future kids.

My wife and I really liked the TRD PRO in Inferno, and loved the improved suspension, and would have bought one despite the price had they come with a bench seat. So instead we bought a TRD PRO suspension kit from ToyotaOfCoolSprings which just arrived today! This will be our first upgrade, once I can arrange to install it with an experienced friend. (I have no idea how to install this!)

I've been learning a lot reading this forum though, and look forward to continuing to learn and participate in this group!
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